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"Nobody wanted your dance,
Nobody wanted your strange glitter, your floundering
Drowning life and your effort to save yourself,
Treading water, dancing the dark turmoil,
Looking for something to give."
- Ted Hughes, Birthday Letters (via observando)


"Recovery takes a lot of time, effort, and planning; but staying sick takes your whole life."


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Moon Bridge

how the fuck are you supposed to cross that

With determination.


how do we even decide what our favorite colors are, are our brains just like “i like green because yea”



(っ◕‿◕)っ All the pale and all the butts 

vulgar yet sweet


Sometimes you keep falling

You don’t catch anything

Sometimes they catch you


Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes → Nightmare

Reason: I’m not sure Dean is ever more protective or hovers over Sam more than in this episode. But what really gets me is how Dean constantly touches Sam when Sam is experiencing the headaches. In the motel, when Sam went to the floor, Dean was immediately at his side, holding his arms. When Sam nearly collapsed in Simon Says, Dean was there, holding him, helping him down. But this scene is particularly physical. Here, Dean notices his brother begin to wince and react to a headache and he quickly reaches for him. And when the headache worsens, Dean takes his arm to lead him to the car, and Sam brings his arm over Dean’s shoulder for help. This wasn’t even Dean’s idea, Dean was just going to help him by holding his arm, but Sam instantly lifts his arm because he knows that Dean will carry him. Then there’s the way Dean gently touches Sam’s stomach to make him just stay there long enough for Dean to open the door for him. Finally, I can’t help but smile at how Dean’s arm goes right back to Sam’s shoulder when he straightens, ready to help his little brother into the car. This whole scene makes me just want to scream because… brothers.